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Series 88 Exit Device
Series 88 exit devices ... a traditional crossbar design with proven service on rugged applications. Available in rim, mortise, surface and concealed vertical rod mountings.

For all types of flush and wide stile doors, and fits 86 and 161 stock hollow metal cutouts.

Devices are UL listed Panic Hardware (FVSR) SA163 (N). Fire devices (F) are UL listed Fire Exit Hardware (GXHX) R4505 (N), A label. Tested in accordance to ANSI A156.3, 1989, Grade 1.

Finishes include Polished Brass, Dull Bronze, Dull Oxidized Bronze, Polished Chrome and Dull Chrome.

Options And Accessories

Electric Device - E88
The E88 electric device provides remote unlocking capabilities. A control station operator can flip a switch to lock or unlock the outside trim. The 24 VDC solenoid assembly contains a SPDT signal switch to monitor the outside trim (locked or unlocked).

The trim returns to the locked mode after being operated either by the cylinder or the solenoid. On fail-safe models, the trim will remain unlocked if the solenoid remains energized.

E-7500 Electric Mortise Lock
Electric mortise lock option provides for remote locking or unlocking of the outside trim without retracting the latch bolt. Particularly useful as a fail-safe component of an automatic fire alarm system.

Device Models and Trim Functions

88 Series Rim Rim
Vert. Rod
Vert. Rod Fire
Vert. Rod Fire
Mortise Lock Mortise Lock Fire
Exit Only 88EO 88EO-F 8827EO 8827EO-F 8847EO-F 8875EO 8875EO-F
Dummy Trim 88DT -- -- -- -- 8875DT 8875DT-F
Night Latch 88NL 88NL-F -- -- -- 8875NL 8875NL-F
Thumbpiece 88TP 88TP-F 8827TP 8827TP-F -- 8875TP 8875TP-F
Knob 88K 88K-F 8827K 8827K-F -- 8875K 8875K-F
Lever 88L 88L-F 8827L 8827L-F 8847L-F 8875L 8875L-F
Turn Lever -- -- 8827TL 8827TL-F 8847TL-F -- --

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