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Series 22 Exit Device
Series 22 exit devices ... the economical alternative, incorporating a modern touchbar styling for all types of doors. Available in rim and surface vertical rod styles.

Finishes are Aluminum Paint and Dark Bronze Paint.

Devices are UL listed Panic Hardware (FVSR) SA163 (n). Fire devices (F) are UL listed Fire Exit Hardware (GXHX) R4504 (N), A label. Tested in accordance to ANSI A156.3, 1989, Grade 1.

Optional ALK Alarm Kit
Exit Alarm Kits are simple yet effective ways to monitor the use of an exit. The unit contains an internal horn which operates on batteries.

Device Models and Trim Functions

22 Series Rim Rim Fire Surface Vert. Rod Surface Vert. Rod Fire
Exit Only 22EO 22EO-F 2227EO 2227EO-F
Dummy Trim 22DT -- 2227DT --
Night Latch 22NL 22NL-F 2227NL 2227NL-F
Knob 22K 22K-F 2227K 2227K-F
Lever 22L 22L-F 2227L 2227L-F
Thumbpiece 22TP 22TP-F 2227TP 2227TP-F

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