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Series 94/95 INPACT Recessed Exit Device
Introducing INPACTTM From Von Duprin....

Only the innovation leader could make this kind of impact. Introducing the advanced INPACT recessed exit device from Von Duprin. Now you can combine beautiful architectural design with superior functionality. The low-profile configuration is ideal for applications where clear width is essential. And the clean, versatile new design blends with an infinite variety of decors. INPACT is the right choice for healthcare facilities, schools, corporate campuses, theaters, hotels and stadiums. With its wide pushpad, operation is easy for everyone, including people with disabilities. This is one case where low profile equals high impact.

Form Follows Function Beautifully
Recessed into the door, INPACT maintains a low-profile presence in a big way. The device projects only 1 1/4" (32mm) off the face of the door while in the open position, making it ideal for corridor doors. When doors are held open, this minimal projection provides more room for people and equipment to pass. And, when an object such as a cart or dolly does bang into the device, the sloped endcaps deflect the object away from the door, protecting the device and the door.

The INPACT is as durable as it is beautiful. Its heavy-duty construction and simple, yet effective mechanism are backed by traditional Von Duprin durability. Devices have exceeded one million cycles under an independent testing laboratory's supervision

INPACT is also versatile. To meet your life safety and security requirements, INPACT offers choices that include either top and bottom rod latching or LBR (less bottom rod), and an electric latch retraction option, all in an array of popular finishes


Panic Models 9447 and 9547
    Panic models are available in smooth or grooved styling. The concealed vertical rod design is UL-listed for Panic Exit Hardware installations.
Fire Exit Models 9447F, 9547F, 9947F-LBR and 9547F-LBR
    These models are designed for use on double metal doors on openings up to 8'0" x 10'0" (2438mm x 3048mm). The concealed vertical rod design is UL-listed as Fire Exit Hardware up to three hours.

Heavy duty construction, simple mechanical design and Von Duprin's commitment to quality combine to ensure a long, trouble-free service life.

Installation has been simplified. INPACT takes half the time to install compared to conventional concealed vertical rod devices. Vertical rods can be adjusted easily by removing the latch-side end cap. Adjustment is as easy as most surface vertical rod devices.

The beautifully
designed touchpad
provides a comfortable

Heavy-duty construction, simple mechanical design and
Von Duprin's legendary commitment to quality combine to
ensure a long, trouble-free service life.

Suggested Specification
Devices shall be of the pushpad design with straight or horizontal motion to eliminate pinch points. The pushpad shall project a maximum of 1 3/4" (44mm) from the face of the door in closed position. The pushpad shall project a maximum of 1 1/4" (32mm) from the face of the door in the open position. Latchbolt shall have a self-lubricating coating, to reduce friction and wear. Endcaps shall be die cast aluminum and be of a sloping design to cause any object such as a cart or dolly hitting the end cap to deflect back into the opening.

Only compression springs are acceptable. Internal parts shall be zinc dichromate coating to prevent corrosion.
Touchpad shall be extruded aluminum with a minimum height of 4 1/2" (114mm).

Outside trim shall be heavy-duty type and fasten by means of concealed studs and through-bolt from the inside. Lever trim shall be cast brass with a minimum average thickness on the escutcheon of .130".

All floor strikes on interior vertical rod devices shall be removable and adjustable after installation (Von Duprin 385A).

Exit devices shall be tested in accordance to ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1 by a BHMA certified testing laboratory. A written certification showing successful completion of a minimum of one million cycles must be also provided.


*Blank escutcheon "BE" or dummy trim "DT" are available. Example: LP373L-BE.

Optional Trims

Lever Options

Device is furnished with standard 338 and 385A strikes. A combination of fasteners is included for mounting to the recessed door prep and through bolting to trim

The EL feature allows for the remote unlatching of the exit device. A control station operator can flip a switch to retract the latch bolt and immediately access. EL device is useful with automatic door operators, and may be applied to fire-rated devices when under the control of an automatic fire alarm system

UL approved for Class II circuit applications. This feature does not include a power transfer from the door to the frame, nor the power supply or control operator. Refer to Von Duprin Door Control and Security Hardware Catalog for complete information

The Less Bottom Rod (LBR) option is available. In lieu of a bottom rod and latch, a spring-loaded auxiliary bolt is installed in the lower door edge. When exposed to heat (500 for a minimum of twenty minutes), the auxiliary latch releases, keeping the doors in alignment and closed during a fire. UL listed for 3 hours on double egress doors and for 90 minutes on doors swinging in the same direction. The LBR option is not recommended for exterior door openings or where security is critical.



Touchbar height to finished floor 39 13/16" (1011mm) at center, adjust as low as
35 3/8" (905mm)
Touchbar projection-

1 5/8" (41mm)
1 1/4" (32mm
Device height 4 1/2" (114mm)
Device length 30" (762mm)
Vertical rods -round Two piece adjustable rods, door 6'8" (2032mm) to 8'4" (2540mm)
Door Sizes 3' (914mm) to 4' (1219mm) wide, 1 3/4" (44mm) thick
Door Undercut 1/4" (6mm) maximum


  • 9447 and 9547 concealed vertical rod devices are UL listed as Panic Exit Hardware
  • 9447F and 9547F concealed vertical rod devices are UL listed as Fire Exit Hardware for use on openings up to 8'0" x 10'0" (2438mm x 3048mm), 3 hours double egress doors and 90 minutes doors swinging same direction
  • 9447F-LBR and 9547F-LBR (less bottom rod) concealed vertical rod devices are UL listed as Fire Exit Hardware for use on openings up to 8'0" x 10'0"* (2438mm x 3048mm), 3 hours double egress doors and 90 minutes doors swinging same direction.
    *Note: Consult your door manufacturer for maximum listed door height
Factory door prep makes installation simple and fast. Photograph courtesy of Steelcraft.


  • Non-handed
  • Sloped End Caps
  • One size for doors 3'0" (914mm) to 4'0" (1219mm)
  • Adjustable rods that can be easily adjusted after door is hung
  • 4 1/2" (114mm) wide pushpad
  • Latch bolt deadlocking
  • 5/8" (16mm) throw on latch bolt
  • Hex key dogging on panic exit hardware
  • Two pushpad styles (smooth and grooved)
  • Seven architectural finishes
  • UL certified to ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1. Also certified to A156.3 Grade 1 at 1,000,000 cycles by an independent laboratory



  1. Specify model and trim selection
         - 9447L-F (Smooth pushpad, fire exit device, lever trim)
         - 9547DT (Grooved pushpad, panic device, dummy trim)
  2. Finish
  3. Handing required on lever trims. Specify RHR or LHR
  4. Options as desired.
          - LBR suffix (Less Bottom Rod)
              9447L-F x US3 x RHR x LBR
    EL Prefix (Electric Latch Retraction)
              EL9547L-F x US26D x RHR


Color US Number BHMA Number
Brass, Polished US3 BHMA605
Brass, Satin US4 BHMA606
Bronze, Satin US10 BHMA612
Chrome, Polished US26 BHMA625
Chrome, Satin US26D BHMA626
Aluminum, Anodized US28 BHMA628
Duranodic Dark Bronze 313 BHMA710

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