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Advanced Key Control Devices

MedecoŽ electronic products complement existing mechanical keying systems with the flexibility of both mechanical keys and electronic credentials. Medeco Hybrid Keys include either 125 kHz 26 bit HID technology or iCLASS to the head of the dual function key that can be used in existing systems.
The Medeco Hybrid dual technology credential is a single credential to access both mechanical and electronic systems. Working independently, the proximity technology in the head of the key operates 125 kHz proximity readers from HID as well as iClass technology. The high security mechanical blade of the key is for doors that require security, but not necessarily the investment of electronic access control.

Medeco Hybrid Keys
  • Compatible with most installed HID proximity and iClass systems.
  • # The proximity device in the Hybrid key head is based on the popular 125 kHz, 26 bit technology from HID - one of the most widely used in the industry, as well as the powerful iClass technology also available.
  • # The Hybrid credential is available in several variations, allowing the user to upgrade or downgrade the credential as the need prescribes: mechanical key + proximity head, mechanical key + 'dummy' head for later upgrade, dummy blank + proximity head which provides on eac credential to user.

Hybrid adds improved security to EAC proximity systems with the addition of a high security cylinder. The dual function credential conveniently bridges the gap between mechanical and electronic security. High security keys eliminate EAC and audit trail bypass by unauthorized key holders. Hybrid keys allows for lower system maintenance costs to replace lost or damaged separate credentials. Few credentials to track with one dual function credential for electronic and mechanical security.


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