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Medeco Keymark T-Handles

Electric Strikes

Most common T-handle cylinders are highly susceptible to drilling, pulling, and other forms of physical attack. Fortunately, with Medeco®'s patented Biaxial® system, it is virtually impossible for someone to pick the cylinder or make unauthorized copies of your keys. With three levels of security available to resist against physical attack, and a wide range of key control programs to suit your specific needs. 

Medeco offers a complete lineup of locks to service you and protect your profits, no matter what the risk of physical attack. Plus, all three series of Medeco T-Handle cylinders can be keyed together in the same system for ease of key management. Let Medeco help you protect your profits. 

About the 64 Series
All Medeco 64 Series cylinders incorporate the Biaxial double locking system which requires both elevation and rotation of special pin tumblers to release the locking sidebar mechanism. 

Special angle cut keys are patent protected to guard against unauthorized duplication. Requirement to both elevate and rotate pins to precise positions (+- .001" and +-1 degree) virtually eliminates the threat of picking or impressioning. 

Vastly expanded keying capability assures each custom of their own unique key code. Basic resistance to drilling is provided in every Medeco lock by hardened stainless steel rods embedded in the face of each cylinder. 

Further enhancements to guard against physical attack are incorporated in bolt and shell construction as described for each model. All cylinders are UL 437 Listed and manufactured to NAMA dimensional standards.

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