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Von Duprin XP 98/99 Rim Exit Device

The new Von Duprin XP 98/99 Rim Exit Device features a patented center case design that takes the proven reliability of the 98/99 series and adds an innovative latching concept. This latch bolt and strike design collaborates to insure the highest level of door opening security. Targeted door openings for this device are those suffering from violent “pull force” attack. This design delivers over 2000+lbs. of static load force resistance. In addition to this new level of security, the XP device now requires lower forces-to-open on loaded or unloaded door openings. This feature adds an attractive balance between security and safety.

To accommodate the installation process, the XP98/99 rim device matches the existing 98/99 rim device footprint, eliminating costly door prep changes. This will support a quick installation of an XP device to a door opening that has suffered the effects of violent door attacks or deteriorating door/frame conditions.

The XP98/99 feature is also available in kit form. The XP Retro-fit kit allows for the easy upgrade of existing 98/99 rim devices.  The kit will contain the center case, cover, and specified strike for the multiple rim device applications. The device conforms to ANSI/BHMA 156.3 criteria, and UL panic and fire listings currently held by the standard 98/99 rim device.

The mechanical strikes designed for the XP device, the 909 (Panic & Fire rated) and the fire rated mullion strike, the 954, will provide the unique strength and latching security needed in the commercial structures of today’s marketplace.

Selected mechanical device options are available and are detailed in the current XP98/99 catalog cut. Compatibility with Von Duprin electric strikes, CM/PRO 993, and E996L trims supports this multi-faceted product addition to the Von Duprin line. All Von Duprin rim device mechanical trims will also be available for use with the XP98/99 device.

The same exit device aesthetics are available with the XP device, the smooth 98 series and the grooved 99 series. These aesthetic designs are available in a variety of architectural finishes. This insures the compatibility of appearance with other Ingersoll Rand door hardware assemblies, thus providing the beauty and performance needed in today’s commercial markets.

The applications for the XP 98/99 rim device will be on all types of single and double doors with mullions.  Further device features will be developed and introduced as market demand dictates. The Von Duprin exit device team stands ready and willing to answer the call for new and innovative hardware products. This readiness is the result of our desire to support the development of a safer and more secure marketplace.

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