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The DuraCam® was designed to prevent key breakage as well as unauthorized key duplication. With a thicker top-cut key, a beveled tip and a horizontal keyway, the DuraCam key is guaranteed for life.

The DuraCam was designed specifically to meet the needs of the gaming industry. The DuraCam is covered by patents both on the horizontal key technology and the Biaxial® locking system. This combination gives you lasting durability and strong protection against unauthorized key duplication.

Backed by a lifetime warranty against key breakage, the DuraCam key is one of the strongest keys in the gaming market. With a thicker top cut key, a beveled tip and a horizontal keyway, the DuraCam was designed to prevent key breakage.

The DuraCam is designed to easily replace most manufacturers' cam locks and to change out original series Medeco® cam locks by just replacing the core. The simple installation reduces the time each machine is down due to lock replacement.

With factory authorized service centers throughout the United States, you can be sure that you will receive quick service in emergency situations.

Features and Benefits

  • Thicker key helps minimize key breakage.
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee against key breakage.
  • Horizontal keyway adds key strength.
  • All Medeco cylinders incorporate the Biaxial double locking system which requires both elevation and rotation of special pin tumblers to release the locking sidebar mechanism.
  • Special angle cut keys are patent protected to guard against unauthorized duplication.
  • Supported by Medeco factory authorized Service Centers.
  • Available only through special distribution channels. Contact Medeco Industrial Customer Service at 1-888-633-3261 for more details.

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